The Adventures of Rainbow Unicorn is an online game of transformation and MAGIC!

Channeled by James Thomas in order to assist with the Global transformational process of healing, awakening and ascension.  To guide and support those who are called to take giant steps in their lives to re-align with their Hearts and Souls.

Further embodying their Truth as Eternal Beings of Love Spreading Love and MAGIC as beacons of hope and bridges of Heaven and “Earth.”

Are you ready to PLAY?

James Thomas is an intentional artist, healer, world traveler, facilitator of Magic, spiritual guide, mentor  and channel.

But first and foremost James is a friend, a brother, son, father and Lover of Life.

Over the last 10 years James had traveled and lived in many parts of the world. Facilitating workshops, ceremonies and retreats. Bringing together fellow seekers to join in circle to further awaken towards their truth as Rainbow Warriors and Eternal beings of Love.

Integrating breathwork, yoga, meditation and sound healing James shared the tools and insight he’s gained throughout his travels and utilizes in his own daily practice.

Helping individuals and groups to reconnect more deeply with themselves, one another as family, the Source of Creation/God and experience the healing capacities of Nature.

James’ Heart centered approach and “way of the Rainbow” integrates a parts of Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism with the teachings of the Ancient Medicine Wheel of Transformation… Encouraging each and every individual to align their lives to honor their unique path and celebrate their unique expressions as Divinity.

More about his story coming soon…

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