Together we ARISE

With our Hearts UNIFIED

Co-creating new ways of LIFE

For Future Generations to THRIVE

The Mission

Body of Light is an Angel Network and  Not-for-profit initiative, assisting with the transition of Life on Earth (from the inside-out). 

As we awaken towards our Truth we naturally move towards greater levels of sustainability and abundance, so future generations may thrive.

Current Stats (updated May 17, 2020)

Phase 1 – Laying the Foundation (144 Founding Members)

# of Members


$ Received

$ Spent (total)

Current Monthly Operating expenses


Bringing together independent like minded people, artists, Changemakers, and Lightworkers from All fields.  To share knowledge and support.  Exchange offerings, skills and solutions.  And to collaborate on projects.


Providing the opportunity for each and every member to develop a Passive Monthly Income. Learn more


Further pooling resources (knowledge, skills & money) to donate towards creating and developing self-sustainable Heart Centred Community Spaces.  For the people & by the people.  Learn more

The Values

Honouring and celebrating the Light within each and every person…

As we continue to be Guided by the common values of our Hearts and Universal laws which have guided Humanity for eons.

Seeking to exemplify Equality, Unity, Freedom, Sovereignty, Integrity, Honour, Respect, Peace, Love & Harmony through Accessibility, Transparency, Authenticity & Accountability.

For the Greater Good of All.

The Vision

To come together as family and in-root the “New Earth” or to recognize “Heaven on Earth”.

Transitioning towards sustainable harmonious living.  As we co-create a Global Network of Heart Centred Community operated spaces – interconnected to support one another.

Providing spaces to welcome each other Home as Family.  Transitioning towards sustainable harmonious and abundant lifestyles.  We move away from a dependancy upon the current financial system and open new doors of possibilities for every person to recognize their purpose, pursue their passions and share their Gifts with the World.

As we continue to Follow our Hearts and Live in Harmony with ourselves, one another, our Planet and All that exists.


Together we ARISE.  With our Hearts UNIFIED.  Co-creating new ways of LIFE…
On Earth – From the Ground up

Currently Operated

by the Founder James Thomas from San Marcos Guatamala

©2023 Body of Light


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