Develop a growing passive monthly income of $1000’s
to further transition your Life and be of greater service.

Each and every person carries the Light within themselves.

This is why we’ve created the “Ambassador of Light” affiliate program.

As an opportunity to come together with those you are deeply connected and aligned with.

Forming “Circles of Support” around each and every person.

We begin to Support one another’s visions and dreams with our prayers, Love and a growing passive Monthly income.

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It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Join Body of Light as a Member

As a Member you may contribute $36.90/Month ($1.23/day CAD)

These Contributions are distributed towards:

Existing Members


Including the person who invited you and six others.

Collective Pool


Donated each Month to support Community projects/spaces around the World to become self sustainable.  Learn more

2) Invite

your closest allies, friends and family members

Inviting 1-12 people to join “Body of Light” and begin forming a “Circle of Support” around yourself or a specific program/project.

*Your invitations are tracked by copying and pasting your unique referral url as a member here

3) Receive

an ever growing Monthly income of Support

Each and every Month you will receive a percentage of contributions from those you have invited.

PLUS – Work Together and watch it Grow

As those you have invited, also begin to invite others…  the “Body of Light” Family ripples out and grows and so too does your Monthly Income.

*All financial transactions are setup to be automatically transferred via PayPal each Monthly Cycle.

Below are the details to the Abundance Sharing System

As shown in the Display…

Level 1

Includes up to 12 people you invite into your “Circle of Support”.

As they Contribute $36.90 / month you receive 33%  = $12.18 / person each Month

As an example…

Once you invite 3 people who become Contributing Members you receive a total of $36.53 / Month

Mathematically it looks like this…  3 people x $36.90 x 33% = $36.53 / Month

*As you will see this almost breaks even with your own monthly contribution of $36.90 and the reason why we suggest it is a good initial target.

If/when you complete your “Circle of Support” with up to 12 people you would receive for example $146.12 / Month

Mathematically it looks like this…  12 people x $36.90 x .33% = $146.12 / Month

*You may also invite more then 12 Members – to help others form their “Circles of Support”.

Level 2

Includes Members, who have been invited by the Members you have invited

From these members you would receive 22% of their 36.90 each month  = $ 8.12 / member

As an example…

If you invited 3 people.  Then they each invited 3 people, there would then be 9 people on your Level 2.

You would receive 22% of their Monthly contributions which Mathematically looks like…  9 people x $36.90 x 22% = $73.06 / month

As another example if you invited 12 people (on level 1) who each invited 12 people there would then be 144 people on your Level 2.

Mathematically this looks like…  144 people x $36.90 x 22% = $1,168.99


Levels 3-7

As shown on the diagram.  As our family continues to grow and more people invite others to join… 

Your Monthly Revenue continues to grow as you receive a percentage of Revenue from Each Level – up to 7 Levels.

If you were to add up this revenue based on the possibility of each Member inviting 3-12 people throughout the 7 Levels

Your Monthly Income would range between

$1,982.64 up to $15,747,673.36




*These numbers are a potential forecast and will naturally vary based upon how many people sign up on each Level.

* There may be processing fees deducted from payments being sent through our payment systems such as PayPal.

* Ambassadors will be responsible for declaring their own taxes – as this would be considered self employed income.

Breaking Free from the Matrix to Transcend it All…

In our ability to come together as family and contribute from our hearts towards the visions and dreams of one another…  We naturally open the doors of abundance and further transcend all limitations.


Can you imagine a Life where you and others are no longer concerned about making money to survive?  But instead are supported each and every Month to follow your Heart and contribute your gifts to those around you?

Can you imagine how quickly the World would change as more and more of us are free and able to do this?

©2024 Body of Light


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