A step by step plan to co-create, share and promote your program – in service to ALL.

Providing new opportunities, for others to participate, contribute and generate a Monthly revenue stream in support of the programs you create.

Step by step

  1. Register as a Body of Light Member
    – Create a Profile & Setup Affiliate payment Email

  2. Create your online program (with our assistance)

    – Title, Intention, benefits, brief description

    – Program outline & Content/Media required

    *Develop content/media creation plan – if not yet completed, let me know how I may assist.

  3. Upload program content to Body of Light

  4. Create Group “Circle of Support”

  5. Post any additional support materials & offerings

  6. Develop Launching / Promotional Strategy

  7. Invite New Members to join, participate & contribute

  8. Co-create ongoing / weekly video sessions, interviews and special events

*All content you create will forever be yours.  If/when Body of Light may want to utilize and share any of your content as part of other programs/courses, videos, documentaries etc. we will request your permission.

©2023 Body of Light


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