In Support of the Transition towards
Sustainability, Harmony and Abundance


Of All Monthly Membership Contributions are distributed towards the development and strengthening of a Global network of self-sustainable community spaces around the World.

“Heart Spaces” created by the people, for the people, in support of our Planet.

Here’s How

  • Creating an ever growing pool of money

    Pooling together 23% ($8.48) of the $36.90 contributed by our Members each Month

  • Receive Grant Proposals

    Providing funding opportunities for projects/spaces for capitol investments such as:

    – Purchasing land

    – Buying equipment, tools and materials

    – And laying infrastructure that directly relates to a projects capacity to provide service and become self sustainable

  • Member Voting

    After approving grant applications, Members may then vote upon where and how the “pool of money” shall be distributed.

  • Distributing Money

    Granting money each and every month to support the co-creation of Heart Centred Community Spaces

Carry a vision for a Project or Space?

Become a Member to begin pooling resources, raising funds and further bringing your inspiration to Life.

Currently involved with a Project or Space?

If you are requiring funding and other resources to help lay infrastructure and become self-sustainable.

Want to Contribute to creating more Heart Spaces?

Become a Member to gain the benefits and begin contributing to co-create Heart Spaces and Projects around the World.

What are Heart Spaces?

Each and every space is unique in it’s offerings, based upon the needs and resources of the land and the people involved.  Yet carrying similar values and intentions of contributing towards positive change in the World.

  • Essentially Heart Spaces are created in service, by the people and for the people. 

  • Welcoming and supporting one another as Family through programs/offerings which are accessible. 

  • Restoring and honouring the Circle of Life, bringing together people from All races, religions and ages (Children, Youth, Adults & Elders).

  • In Harmony with Nature as we learn to protect, restore and care for the water, trees, plants, animals and insects which all play an important role in the intricate web of Life which we are apart of.

  • Providing opportunities to learn, grow and re-connect with ourselves, one another, Nature and All that exists. 

  • To further empower one another through sharing and developing tangible skills in developing and maintaining healthy relations with ourselves, one another as family/community and the elements of Nature.  Learning to become self sufficient, growing food, building shelters  and supported to explore and express your unique talents/gifts.

  • Supporting the transitionary process towards a more balanced sustainable lifestyle that is inspired by the Heart; recognizing there is purpose in everything we do.  As we are Unified through a commitment of service – so Future Generations may Thrive.

Some examples may include:

Co-creating Intentional Communities, Eco-villages, retreat Centres & schools.  Spaces/programs to better support our Children and Elders – as they play a key role in our society.  Providing healthy supportive shelter/space for people and animals to retreat/recover.  Developing healthy abundant ways of growing, distributing and sharing healthy nutritious food.  Developing eco friendly affordable housing solutions.  Sharing new ways of educating/supporting parents/children.  Buying and protecting land, forests, water and other valuable resources.  Restoring forests which have been cut down.  etc.

With our Feet on the Ground and our Hearts Open Wide

As we are being called to completely Transition our Lives…  Resources, skills, tools, time and money are required, as we re-establish and in-root the values of our Hearts.

Addressing our essential needs from the Ground up, so Future Generations may Thrive.

Helping to establish the New Earth Grid and usher in the Golden Era – in our ability to recognize “Heaven on Earth”.

Gaining Strength as we Re-establish our “Roots”

As we ourselves transition further towards a more balanced, healthy, harmonious lifestyle; we are much better able to serve/work together within these spaces being co-created, but also better equipped to serve outwardly providing Local and Global solutions for people/places in-need.

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