Many of us whom have incarnated on the Earth, have also incarnated onto other planets, solar systems and galaxies before and likely after.

Many people believe the Earth plays a key role for many surrounding planets and galaxies, as well as the Universe as a whole – which of course is interconnected on so many levels that it’s hard for the human mind to comprehend.

Many of us came here on a Mission, to bring our Magic, Medicine or simply the gifts and abilities of our Hearts and Souls too assist with the transformation of our Planet, no only for Humans, but for our families from the Stars and for the Greater Good of All.

In this case, many of us have Star Families that we were not only connected with in past lifetimes, but also during this Lifetime here and now.

These Star families, which may of course also include others who have incarnated on Earth here and now are supporting us, cheering us on, guiding us and protecting us.

Therefore being able to re-connect, honour this connection and open up our channels / lines of communication can be extremely valuable.

For some of us, i may simply allow us to get by and make it through a difficult day or difficult Life – which in essence may be all that is asked of us on this Mission.  To exist the best we can and never give up.

For others our missions may be more complex, and include having to operate on many levels of dimensions/realities and in many ways, locally, globally and intergalactically.

In addition to our Star missions, there may be of course other intertwining missions and stories that are unfolding within our Earthly journey’s and above the hierarchy with our Star family – which takes us back to the Grand mission and simplicity of Honouring our Union with Divinity – and the Source of Creation or as some refer to as God.

Here I will share that my connection to my star family came naturally at a time I was really beginning to understand and open up my channel.  I trust that if I can do this, I know if/when you may be meant to – you as well will begin to connect with your Star family or possibly even other species as well from far away planets.

The key in this and everything is of course our ability to Trust in ourselves and what we receive, openly and playfully – without fear and doubt.

So I encourage you to enjoy the process as you explore this part of yourself.

Step 1 – Understand your psychic powers

We all carry a great ability to connect with the many levels of he unseen worlds, yet most of us have not been taught or supported in understanding, and developing these skills.  And I know there are many other resources out there for you to open up your channel and to harness them further and if you wish to.

Firstly however it helps for us to know where our strengths or combination of strengths lay – as we tend to naturally be stronger on certain areas than others others may be, which allows us to better compliment one another.

Generally this includes our abilities to…

Seeing – Clairvoyance

Hearing – Clairaudience

Feeling – Clairsentience

Tasting – Clairgustance

Smelling – Clairalience

Knowing – Clairognizance

Dreaming – Those who receive / connect and communicate through their dreams

Knowing the areas you are strongest in – helps you understand the ways i which you will be able to receive information and communicate.

Step 2 – Finding the right place and time

Being able to be relaxed in your body and mind and focus enough to listen to your senses – is most important.  And so having a regular practice of meditation will in many ways assist you with this process.

However being in the right external environment is certainly always helpful as well.

For myself, being outside directly on the Earth and under the stars always helps me in connecting with my star family.  And the strength of this connection sometimes varies in co-ordinance with the moon cycles – as the moon also acts as a satellite to connect us with the stars.

Essentially the Earth and the Moon or if you are called to connect with another star in the sky – act as anchors to open up our energy field and channels which extend beyond the inner body and outwardly to and with All that exist.  Bringing your attention to the stars, in whichever direction you feel called (or if indoors it can help to envision the stars or sky to connect).

Step 3 – Opening the dialogue

Like any conversation it begins with opening the dialogue.  So once you are in the right time and space, simply open up the conversation as you would with any old friend of yours.

Trust and know that someone is in fact listening and equally desiring to connect and communicate with you as much as you want to yourself.

Feel free to ask specific or general questions – and see what you may receive in your channel of senses.

Step 3 – Trust in what you receive

Trust in what you receive and the infinite possibilities you have in your infinite abilities and have FUN.

For myself being strongest as Clairsentient (feeling) and Clairognizant (knowing) it was difficult of course to discern what was in my head and what I was receiving externally (which of course are based upon the illusion of separation)

Step 4 – Ask for signs

If and when you need to – it can always help to ask for signs.  It doesn’t mean that they necessarily can or will show you signs of their presence.  Although there are many ways to gain this confirmation and for them to prove their existence with you.

For myself I was met with a flash across the sky, which looked much like a shooting star.  Remaining in doubt, I asked for another sign and again another flash across the sky.  Remaining in doubt still, I asked again and received a third flash – in response…

Yes we are here with you!

Please understand that you will be confirmed in your own ways and in your own time…  Enjoy the process of exploring the Stars and he opportunity we all have to re-connect with our Star Families – here now and forever, with Love.

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