Letting Go – is an essential step in moving forward.

As so many things can hold us back, even if/when we may desperately need to and desire to move towards the dreams and visions of our hearts.  or to simply move foreword towards a happier more fulfilling Life.

Like an anchor to the past, carrying around baggage isn’t just heavy – it literally may keep pulling us back in, no matter how far we think we have gone.

In order to do so we must first come to clearly recognize what parts have been holding us back?

We have literally taken on the pain of the World.  Receiving the misperceptions and beliefs as well as the mistreatment from both the people, collective cultures and systems that are in place.  This may have included even people who were closest to us and Loving us – and thinking what they were doing was what was best for us.

Many of which was simply perpetrated upon us subconsciously – without them even realizing the pain they were causing us.

These experiences have altered the ways in which we not only feel, but also have come to see ourselves and the World around us.

In return we have continued to create this painful experience from our own subconscious, prolonging and deepening our pain – as there’s a part of us that believes this is who we are and what we deserve.

I recommend taking the time to reflect and journal/write answers to these questions.

What are the thoughts and beliefs that you are seeing that are causing more pain and wanting to release?

  1. Thoughts about yourself?
  2. Thoughts about others? (specific people & people in general)
  3. What are your thoughts about Life, the world as a whole and God/source of creation?

What Lifestyle/Habits are working against your health and happiness – which you are wanting to release?

  1. Unhealthy relationships / people you spend time with?
  2. Eating Habits
  3. Sleeping patterns
  4. Substance use and addictions
  5. Technology and media consumption
  6. And any others
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