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This is not just another Social Network,
but rather an opportunity to co-create a new reality.

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  • Create a Profile highlighting your intention, interests and skills – as we work together for the Greater good of All

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  • Sharing knowledge and skills that support our transition from the inside-out

    • – Personal Growth & Development

    • – Natural Health & Wellness

    • – Gardening & Permaculture

    • – Natural Building / Eco Living

    • – Parenting and Child Education

    • – And more

Create Listings Locally & Globally

    • – Offerings (share products and services that contribute towards a better world)

    • – Opportunities (collaborate and participate on projects.  Exchanging skills, tools and resources)

    • – Projects  (big and small scale projects that others may get involved in or become inspired by)

    • – Spaces (community oriented and intentional spaces where people may connect, stay, learn, grow and/or contribute towards)

    • – Events (online and in-person activities, festivals, workshops, courses, programs and retreats to participate)

Post Articles

  • Create multi-media rich articles (including photos, audio, video, links etc.) on the most relevant topics (natural health, personal growth, spirituality, permaculture, sustainable living and more).

Join existing or form new Group Circles

  • Projects & Initiatives, Interest Groups & Support Groups

    • Share insight, information and resources

    • Participate in discussions

    • Facilitate community, programs, and group projects

Receive an ever growing passive Monthly income

  • Earn $1,000’s each Month through the “Ambassador of Light” Affiliate Program

  • As we work together to support each others dreams and visions

And open to RECEIVE so much more

Your Monthly contributions as a Member go towards Supporting

Individual Members


Providing a Monthly Income – to support their Visions & Dreams

Distributed through the “Ambassador of Light” Affiliate program to those whom have invited you

Collective Vision


Donated towards Sustainable Community Heart Spaces
Created by the people and for the People

Directly Supporting our transition of Life on Earth

Opening to Receive Abundance

Through the “Ambassador of Light” Affiliate Program

Every Member has the opportunity to develop a passive income of $1000’s each Month

Supporting your Freedom to follow your Heart and be of Greater Service.

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