Being on a path of Freedom through Service, living nomadically travelling the World, sharing Workshops, Retreats and Ceremonies…

I have had the opportunity to connect with so many beautiful like minded Souls.  And to be able to pass through a number of intentional communities, yoga, retreat and healing centres.

All of which have been learning how to balance, navigate and unify the “two Worlds”.

One in which we are able to financially support ourselves and the ones we love while while honouring our deep desire to freely follow the inspirations of our Hearts, by contributing towards a more positive and sustainable Future – here and now.

In service to the people around us, and our Planet.  Or to simply live in balance and harmony with ourselves, one another, Mother Earth and All that exists.

As many of us have already taken great strides in our lives to re-connect with the Truth of our own hearts and Souls and to further recognize our freedoms by de-teaching from the ideas, systems and values that many of us have been raised with.

More and more we are coming to see that there is no going back towards living within or serving these systems which operate against our core values and impact our ability to be healthy and happy.

Yet the question remains…

How can we sustain ourselves and our families while staying true to ourselves?

Here in 2020 as everything is becoming more clear then ever.  We may see that we have been distracted and tricked, trying to “win”  in a game that is based upon the idea of separation and values of “divide and conquer”, which ultimately as we are coming to see here now, only leads to destruction.

As these illusions fade away we have the great opportunity to establish new systems from the ground up, based upon our actual needs, values, desires and intentions.

To take steps not only in support of ourselves but for all of Humanity.  To shift into co-creating a new reality.

And to live out the dreams and Visions that many of us carry deep within our hearts.

As we know it is time to recognize the power we hold and are inspired to “Be the Change” that we want to see in the World.

As much as i would hope that our Governments may be able and willing to take steps forward, I believe it is up to us.

And this is why I share this with you and am inviting you as Family to join me in a simple step by step process in which we may further…

1.  Come together with those we Trust in and Love, who are also ready to “Be the Change”.

2.  So we may begin pooling our resources to support you and each person with a growing Monthly income, to free one another from the old paradigm and financial enslavement of “Time is Money” – to follow your heart once again.

3. Allowing us to re-focus and re-direct our Nergy, time and money to transition our lives towards sustainable living so Future Generations may Thrive.

As we may further develop, explore and implement both old and new solutions for Community based, eco-living.

Co-creating intentional communities, eco-villages, healing centres, schools and whatever unique visions you may hold for yourself and the ones you love.

This window of time that we are now in is a precious Golden opportunity that we have been prepared for and have been preparing for.

Being ready to give Birth to a new reality, the Golden Era and the New Earth.

And I am sharing this with you because it is your voice, your light and the power of Your LOVE that can and will change the World.

I invite you to enter the Light with me…  And join forces as a Member of Body of Light.

With our Hearts Unified

Together We Arise

Co-creating new ways of LIFE.


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