Co-creating community Part 1

On Weds Feb 24, 2021 we held the first meeting as a small group to begin laying the foundation for this co-creative process – which is compltely open for those who truly wish to contribute.

Here we began to share the intentions and visions of our hearts and Souls for an intentional community which may not only meet our own needs – but support and serve the Greater Good of All.

To provide guidance inspiration and hope for all of humanity by exploring and demonstrating new possibilities for heart centered sustainable community living.

Aligned with our Universal core values as humans and the need to support individuals, couples and families to live in harmony and experience greater levels of freedom and abundance.

– Living from the heart
Guided by the inspiration and support of spirit, we learn to follow our hearts and trust in the process to experience the freedom, joy and peace of living from our hearts.

In doing so – we may act as pillars and bridges for others to duplicate and organically co-create their own community spaces.

– Restoring our power to create
As co-creators of our reality we are able to design a way of living, from the ground up which supports the unique expression of each participant from early childhood and our elders.

Living in harmony with nature, gaining and sharing sustainable eco living skills, Permaculture and healing arts. Growing food. Eco building.

Committed to service
Recognizing the great freedom and joy to living in service.  We work together with the land and the skills of those involved to become self sustainable through our service to the surrounding and Global community.

Offering for example community based healing retreats, Community leadership facilitation training, permaculture skills training, ceremonies and other special events in addition to the possibility of accommodation rentals and a variety of Artisan products created by the community members.

– Honouring Unity and sovereignty
Having separate living / sleeping spaces for participants. With shared spaces such as a kitchen/dining space. Yoga Shala/ live music and dance space. Educational space etc.  The infrastructure and project size would be based upon the capacity of the land itself.

Seeking to restore balanced lives where we come together to practice and play as community. While also providing time and space for individuals to be on their own.

– Structure and flow
Provide minimal structure / scheduling to allow inspiration flow and love with passion and purpose of the collective mission but also the individuals mission.

Establish roles to support the structural success from the communities ever changing needs from the ground up. While working together toward common goals / projects. In doing so we may allow each individual to be self guided and better balance their lives.  Exploring methods of changing roles periodically so each member may gain new skills – in becoming empowered and whole as a human.

– Sharing abundance
Utilizing revenue to cover living expenses for the community members and Implement methods of sharing profits while keeping all finances transparent.

Exploring alternative currencies, methods of exchange, sharing freely and moving away from our dependency of the financial system.

– Restoring trust
As we recognize the value of community based healing / support and conflict resolution. Through transparent non-violent/compassionate open authentic communication practices/ sharing circles we deepen our capacity to Trust and therefore open to greater levels of abundance and Love.

Further in-rooting and spreading 5D consciousness.

– Replicating nature
Providing ways for people to participate as they are inspired to. Ensuring the community is accessible and affordable to participate and possibly become a key member by providing different levels of investment (time and money). This may include the core members, volunteers, guests and program participants.

Allow space for expansion of the self and the community. Remain flexible and adaptable to change. Find ways to regenerate in all capacities of housing, food, finances, skills sharing etc.

Provide opportunities of duplication of this community model which can be adapted and built from the ground up based upon the resources as they become available.

Next steps

– Identifying our Core Values in which we seek to be guided by.

⁃ Exploring structures beyond land co-ownership
ie holding land in trust facilitated by core members. Involving active and inactive participants in decision making process. Core members may build there own huts/houses. With option to sell. Creating huts for first phase infrastructure. Lease to own housing purchase options.

⁃  Alternative land partnerships beyond needing to purchase land.
ie. Donation of Land with the owner having the option to section off part of it to maintain themselves.  Lease to own land ownership etc.

–  Identifying the key roles of creating community and facilitating the ongoing success of the community.

–  Defining the next steps to clarify the vision, establish a proposal for land owners and co-create a crowd funding campaign and strategy.

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