Are you ready to reclaim your freedom and live Life to the Fullest?

If so, I invite you to join us on this Magical Journey…

“Rainbow Bridge” is an online program providing guidance and support for you to discover and celebrate your freedom from the inside out.

Helping you break free from the Matrix by:

  • Developing a passive Monthly income to support your visions and dreams

  • Freeing yourself to travel and live anywhere in the World

  • Working through limiting beliefs, fears and doubts which have been holding you and much of Humanity back

  • Developing and sharing your gifts /offerings with the world

Program Features:

A step-by-step video guide supporting you in your freedom. Including practical tools and tips for understanding and overcoming the most common internal barriers and external challenges.

Interviews with individuals, couples and families from around the World who have recognized and have been living out their freedom for years.

Ongoing discussions and Online video group support calls with fellow participants

One-on-One support available to answer questions

Plus Bonus

*Learn how people around the world are transitioning towards greater levels of sustainability, freedom and abundance so future generations may thrive.

**And how some are even reclaiming their legal sovereignty as Universal beings, rather than corporate entities of the Government.

The goal of the program is not just to support you in crossing the “Rainbow Bridge” to discover a Life that is beyond your greatest dreams…

But to support you in becoming a Rainbow Bridge, inspiring and empowering others to step into their freedom as well.

About the Facilitator

James Luke Thomas

Heart Centred Facilitator, Healer, Teacher and Guide originally from Canada.

Discovered Freedom through Service to others by hosting workshops, ceremonies and retreats across Canada and throughout the World over the last 6 years while traveling and living in such places as: Mexico, Guatemala, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, Sri Lanka & India.

Mission:  To re-store the “Kingdom” of Heaven on Earth by recognizing our freedom and directing it towards our greatest deepest desires, visions and dreams.

Belief:  We are beings of Love.  Created out of Love.  As Love.  Here to discover and express the Love that we Are.

Take your 1st step towards greater FREEDOM

Join today for only $36.90 CAD / Month ($1.23 / day)

*with a 10 day Money back guarantee & the opportunity to easily cancel at anytime

***Ensuring Equal Access***
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