This is an invitation to return to seeing the world with a fresh perspective like a baby opening their eyes for the first time. To once again recognize the beauty and awe of this Magical Life we have been given.


As children and throughout our Lives we are taught to label everything. Over time we form such concrete opinions, ideas and concepts of how everything is. We often end up judging everything we see and experience without even realizing it. And forming expectations and assumptions of how things should be.

In doing so, we limit and even re-crate our experiences by holding onto old stories and of our past. Causing us to completely forget the Magic and begin to take it all for granted.


Magic Medicine Poem

Entering this world with new open eyes. Seeing everything for the very first time.

Between ourselves and the outer world, there’s no separation or lines.

It’s a part of you, as much as you’re a part of it all. And all that you see, is really a great big beautiful mystery. Pulling you forward as you receive the call. Filling your heart with magic and awe, to experience it all, out of pure curiosity.

There’s no names, no labels, no words to describe. Everything is new to explore, to feel and know deep inside.

Take your time, to enjoy being and seeing it all from a fresh new way of perceiving Life.

At times you may find, old stories of the mind. Coming back to rob you of this perfect moment in time.

Simply breathe in and out – releasing these old patterns, loops and lines.

As a baby newly born, the present is a gift and you are truly one of a kind.

Allow your heart to be filled with Love. As a living miracle amongst miracles here in the flesh.

May the Magic you are, continue to hold you and caress. Your perfect, beautiful and gentle heart – no matter the test.

For Love is who you are. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

As the entire Universe supports you.

Knowing fully you deserve nothing but the absolute best.

Today’s Challenge

Here today take time to wash away everything of the old(mentally, emotionally and energetically) and try to observe the world and yourself with these fresh eyes. Doing your best to recognizing anytime n old judgements and miss perceptions arise towards a situation, person, place or experience you have.

Then releasing them to return to the perspective as a pure innocent baby child. Curious, open, intrigued and excited by the Adventure of Life and the many details of the “Great Mystery” as it’s unfolding today.


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