REBOOT! Release the Old & Welcome the New!

A 2 Part Global Online Workshop
September 26, 2020 (8 AM to 10 AM  PST Vancouver Canada)
& October 3, 2020 (8 AM to 10 AM PST Vancouver Canada)
*Check your local time

Only $11.00 USD (14.50 CAD) for both

So many things are happening in the cosmos (not to mention the world!) & life is really challenging us to keep up & upgrade our systems so we can lead each day with zest & enthusiasm.


In this 2-Part Online Workshop Series, Maria guides us through the Universal Principles of Life so we understand mind-body resonance & with greater awareness lead us through actual metaphysical techniques to help release the past & welcome the new.


This 2-Part Online Workshop Series is best for:

✨ people going through a breakup whose negativity they want to shake off their system to reboot
✨ people going through transitions whether work, life or relationship whose energies they need to shake off their system to reboot & open to the new
✨ people needing more grounding in their lives
✨ people needing to release dense heavy energies that have weighed them down for a while whether from the past or fear of the future, adopted from society or their family, etc.
✨ people looking to lighten up & enjoy life more
✨ people who want to be happy – & how!

If you are any of these – this 2-Part Online Workshop Series is for you!


Online Workshop Part 1
September 26, 2020
Saturday (8 AM to 10 PM Vancouver Canada PST) Your local time here

RELEASE will disclose actual metaphysical release techniques that un-chord you from the past – from old energies or emotions, stories or scripts, personas or baggages from people, places, emotions or things that weigh you down to help you energetically, “wipe your slate clean,” – on a very deep & actual level – so you can create space in your life & welcome the new!
The release techniques may be done over a period of 3 days to 3 months which participants can keep or share with loved ones for life & use anytime they need it over their lifespan! Participants should feel a marked difference in their body-heart-mind harmonic as soon as they accomplish the checklists which should benefit them not only at present but their lives in the long term including people & things they care about & love as they take on more physical, emotional, psychic, mental & spiritual space! Much like cleaning a river or drain, these elimination techniques help detoxify the system completely helping keep life flowing freely, well & alive, bringing proper circulation & assimilation to one’s being, so will be very helpful for people needing & seeking a deep, substantial & irrevocable re-set, so you may be made all new!


Online Workshop Part 2
October 3, 2020 Saturday (8 AM to 10 AM Vancouver Canada) your local time

RENEW will focus on the Universal Principles of Life & how you can mindfully wield them as the Master you are in creating the life you aspire to & dream so you can fill the void you created & create the NEW & BEAUTIFUL you wish!
The various areas of life will be tackled in this workshop & the participants get a chance to do their own life-mapping & visioning while actual planning & goal-setting (short-term, mid-term & long-term) helps build it!

About The Facilitator:

Maria took up Yoga Meditation & went to India in 1998 to learn the benefits of vegetarianism, positive thinking & stress-free living to one’s well-being. An athlete since she was 12 years old helping lead her team through championships as part of her women’s volleyball varsity from grade school to college, Maria was always interested in fitness, health, beauty & well-being & has devoted her life to her growth & development in this field. In 2002 she learned Sivananda Yoga & a year after began teaching in international spas & gyms as Mandala Spa & Villas in Boracay and Slimmers World International all over Metro Manila promoting health & fitness. She is the signature model for Waicoco Swimwear & Mandala Spa & Villas & has won several awards in fitness & beauty pageants including the Slimmers World International Great Bodies competition where she placed in the Top 5 & garnered several awards including Ms. Great Skin, Ms. Nutrilite & Ms. Nestle Fitness. She has appeared as a guest in several local & cable TV networks regarding the mind, health, beauty and yoga, & was a spokesperson for the Nestlé Wellness Tours in 2006. In 2009 she was awarded as Nesvita’s 10 Most Beautiful, Inside & Out.
In 2005, Maria met her guru who trained her in the Science of Mind & metaphysics learning the powers of the mind & how mind affects life, particularly health & well-being. She got her training & certification for level three of iYoga* – The Integrated Yoga Wellness Program which integrates ancient & scientific mind-body techniques, principles & disciplines that support vitality, immunity, the brain, nervous system & the body, securing wellness, beauty, fitness & health now & in the long-term. The program is taken to offices & localities around the country making it easy for hectic individuals to incorporate health into their itinerary for lasting, lifetime results. Under the aegis of senior instructors, Maria concentrates her abilities in designing & facilitating wellness workshops, activities, events & exercise programs that train people to achieve their health & beauty ideals today. With this great respect for Life, Maria also helps lead environment initiatives through river-cleanups & tree-planting activities across the country in collaboration with local government units to support the preservation of nature since 2005.
With the onset of covid, all work has gotten focused on transmitting & assisting students & the public through online yoga sessions & wellness workshops, world-wide.


Admission Fee

USD 11.00 per-participant (14.50 Canadian CAD)
+ BONUS Detoxification Program (to make RELEASE extra potent!)
+ BONUS PowerPoint Presentation Copies
For people ready to release the past & lighten up from all the dead weight & get excited for building the future – this 2-Part Online Workshop Series is for you!! YOU ARE THE MAIN INGREDIENT IN THIS MIX & ALL LIFE AWAITS YOU! As we engage our personal stories, histories & dreams & get really involved with them our Life unfolds like a tree happy to be tended!
LET’S GET TO IT!! ????????‍♀️
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