You are the Magic

The Mythical Legend and Prophecy of the Rainbow Unicorn

Long ago lived a magical species known as the Unicorn. In fact for many years pranced freely across the land. Playfully dancing, laughing and singing. Bringing magic of joy and Love to the world.

However during this time humans began destroying the planet more and more. Causing the beautiful and diverse species of trees, plants, animals and insects to begin dying away. Including the magical Unicorn.

Miraculously one last unicorn was born. However this was not just any unicorn. But the “Rainbow Unicorn.”

With magical powers beyond any unicorn had ever displayed. This unicorn was shining as bright as the sun and radiated every color of the rainbow. Emanating a Love so strong that it was too much for the darkness of the world to even look at.

For Rainbow Unicorn it was extremely difficult to see and feel everything what was happening to the planet and all of the Loving creatures who are a part of our family.

One day the Unicorn had enough.  And decided to do everything it could,could to bring Love unto the planet which was dying of sickness.

So Rainbow Unicorn ran and jumped into the air with all of his heart. Spreading it’s wings, it began to fly up, up so high. Across the sky.

Leaving behind him in his trace, is what we now know as the magical rainbow.

The Unicorn continued flying for many hours, which then turned to days.  Crossing the Sea from one piece of land to another.  Spreading the magic of Love everywhere he went.

However Rainbow Unicorn became more and more tired.

Not wanting to give up it continued onward. Until reaching a point where it couldn’t go on any further.

Slowly it began to fall towards the earth. And eventually came crashing down. Shaking the Earth. And sending a wave of Light which went across the entire plane.  Wiping away all evil.

Including those who were destroying the planet and all it’s creatures because of their ignorance, greed and corruption.

All that remained were those who were pure and innocent in their hearts and were living good lives. In respect and honour to all.

Legend has it that one day this Rainbow Unicorn will be born again.  But this time in human form.  And within the Hearts and Souls of many special children entering the Earth plane.

Coming to work together to support us, teach us, and remind us of the Magic of life. The beauty. The perfection and the importance of knowing how to play.  As it is all a game.

And to help others recognize the love within their hearts. To let them know that the Magic is inside everyone.

And that together we can and will create a new way of living.

In harmony with all that exists.

Until then every time we see a rainbow in the sky. We are reminded that this magical Unicorn is still with us. Ready to return when the time is right.

And until then do not forget the Magic of life and the power of Love is forever within you and those who still believe.

2022 Magical Crowdfunding Campaign

PHASE 1 (Aug 1 – Nov 11)

Natasha & James Call upon the Support of family & friends

We’re birthing a Child and a New Life in Mexico and we’re requiring your support.

Helping us cover the following costs:

  • Doctor Visits & Midwife

    $25,000 MXN / $1,600 CAD

  • Materials for birthing and infancy stage  (Baby Diapers, blankets, clothes, Toilet, bed, baby seat, stroller etc.)

    $20,000 MXN / $1,300 CAD

  • Housing Renovations and rental

    $35,000 MXN / $2,200 CAD

  • Basic Living Costs 6 months

    $48,000 MXN / $3,000 CAD

  • Birth Certificate & added Documents

    $25,000 MXN / $1,550 CAD


Join Natasha and James’ Circle of Support

Donate $22.22 CAD Monthly from your Heart
& Follow behind the scenes as they prepare for a magical baby to arrive and continue to create a new Life in Mexico.

More about our story…

James (originally from Canada) and Natasha (originally from Russia) originally met at the recent World Rainbow Gathering in México. And conceived the Child in the 2022 Latin American Rainbow Gathering held in Guatemala. 

Receiving this “Rainbow Child” as a blessing with open hearts, the couple is preparing to birth the child in México on or around November 11, 2022. 

In addition to the economic impact of being hit by a recent hurricane. James has had to focus his energy and savings on renovating their friends house for the arrival of the child.

And Natasha has been unable to access her funds in Russia since the start of the recent war.

The couple is needing now to raise funds for the added costs of birthing and supporting the early stage of this child’s Life.

As we continue to transition our lives here in Mexico – further towards our vision and dreams of co-creating a self-sustainable community based healing and birthing center.

We are striving to To support this child in harmony and to support others needing to transition their lives towards living in Harmony and abundance with Nature.


We call upon your support here and now – to donate from your Heart, whatever amount feels right for you…

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