As we observe the current state and the overall direction of our planet.

It’s become clear we unfortunately can’t depend upon our governments, corporations or wealthy individuals to support the changes we are needing to make…

Many of us are now being called to recognize the power we hold and inspired to “be the change” that we want to see in the world.


For it is time to come together in support of one another and our Planet.

To co-create the visions and dreams that we hold deep in Hearts and Souls.

Here is a simple step by step action plan

To further Unite as family and become bridges towards new possibilities, ushering in what many refer to as the New Earth or the Golden Era.

By co-creating a Global Network of Heart Centred, self sustainable community operated spaces.  We Further support our transition towards harmonious and abundant lifestyles for future generations to thrive.

While re-establishing our feet on the ground, we no longer depend upon the current financial system in place and may return to a world which operates out of Love, Honour & Respect towards all living beings.

Step 1 - Laying the Foundation of 144

With the Power of 144 Founding Members, Unified towards the Greater Good of All – we will be ready to Open the Gates.

  • Invite 144 founding Members to join in support of the Movement and begin to develop a passive monthly income.

  • Unify local “Artist Collective” within the region of San Marcos / Lake Atitlan

    • Increase the capacity for each person to share their offerings and better collaborate on Projects
    • Develop a Community Strategy (local & global) for transitioning towards Sustainability and Abundance known as “Operation Rainbow Bridge”.
  • Establish key partners and projects to be a part of the core team to support the Angel Network

  • Further strengthen the Website design, and mobile app, build content (ie Online programs), develop marketing materials (ie. promo videos)

Step 2 - Opening the Gates to Unify the 144,000 +

Inviting others whom are awakened and ready to join forces and contribute.  We move towards and beyond the 144,000 further freeing the Human potential to co-create.

  • Further strengthen the Ambassador of Light Affiliate program to ensure each and every Member is able to receive a growing passive monthly income.

  • Launch crowdsourcing campaign for the “Body of Light” flagship Community Space & Resource / Media Centre

  • Assess and develop new opportunities to exchange resources, develop new technologies and systems as well as alternative currencies (ie. crypto currencies)

Step 3 - In-rooting Heaven on Earth

Distributing the wealth to further develop and strengthen our Global Network of Self-sustainable Heart spaces, we may move beyond our current dependencies of money.

  • Implement Membership voting and offering financial grants towards sustainable community projects

  • Receive grant applications from individuals/groups acting as caretakers/vision holders and require funding/resources to become self sustainable

  • Distribute grants each and every Month – while conducting follow up assessments

Step 4 - Educating, Equipping and inspiring

Further develop, support and share opportunities for individuals, couples and families to transition their lives.

  • Support community spaces to expand and duplicate in order to provide affordable housing solutions and growing/accessing healthy food, education etc.

  • Promote programs which further educate, equip and empower others to gain the skills that are needed for sustainable community based living from the Heart.

  • Develop new technologies and systems (ie. communication, transportation, clean energy, etc.)

  • Develop and disperse teams to assist with laying sustainable infrastructure for community spaces

– Co-creating spaces where we can work together, sharing our interests and passions to address the needs of humanity such as creating affordable housing solutions, growing food, raising our Children in full support – with Love.

– Re-establishing from the “ground up” systems and technologies, to meet our need of being in balance.

– Further exploring, developing and sharing the essential skills and tools of healthy, harmonious, community based, sustainable living.

So future generations may truly Thrive.

Together we Arise
With Our Hearts Unified
Co-creating New ways of Life 

©2023 Body of Light


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