The Legend & Prophecy of the Rainbow Unicorn

The Past

Long ago lived a magical species known as the Unicorn. In fact for many years pranced freely across the land. Playfully dancing, laughing and singing. Bringing magic of joy and Love to the world.

However during this time humans began destroying the planet more and more. Causing the beautiful and diverse species of trees, plants, animals and insects to begin dying away. Including the magical Unicorn.

Miraculously one last unicorn was born. However this was not just any unicorn. But the “Rainbow Unicorn.”

With magical powers beyond any unicorn had ever displayed. This unicorn was shining as bright as the sun and radiated every color of the rainbow. Emanating a Love so strong that it was too much for the darkness of the world to even look at.

For Rainbow Unicorn it was extremely difficult to see and feel everything what was happening to the planet and all of the Loving creatures who are a part of our family.

One day the Unicorn had enough.  And decided to do everything it could,could to bring Love unto the planet which was dying of sickness.

So Rainbow Unicorn ran and jumped into the air with all of his heart. Spreading it’s wings, it began to fly up, up so high. Across the sky.

Leaving behind him in his trace, is what we now know as the magical rainbow.

The Unicorn continued flying for many hours, which then turned to days.  Crossing the Sea from one piece of land to another.  Spreading the magic of Love everywhere he went.

However Rainbow Unicorn became more and more tired.

Not wanting to give up it continued onward. Until reaching a point where it couldn’t go on any further.

Slowly it began to fall towards the earth. And eventually came crashing down. Shaking the Earth. And sending a wave of Light which went across the entire plane.  Wiping away all evil.

Including those who were destroying the planet and all it’s creatures because of their ignorance, greed and corruption.

All that remained were those who were pure and innocent in their hearts and were living good lives. In respect and honour to all.

Legend has it that one day this Rainbow Unicorn will be born again.  But this time in human form.  And not just in one Human, but by a group of beings.

The Present

At a time you will notice Rainbow Unicorns being sold in stores and celebrated by both Children and adults, you will know the return is upon us.

As the Rainbow Unicorn Returns to remind us of the Magic of life. The beauty. The perfection and the importance of knowing how to play. As it is all a game.

But most importantly Rainbow Unicorn will return to help others recognize the love within their hearts. To let them know that the Magic is inside everyone.

And that together we can and will create a new way of living.

In harmony with all that exists.

Until then every time we see a rainbow in the sky. We are reminded that this magical Unicorn is still with us. Ready to return when the time is right.

And until then do not forget the Magic of life and the power of Love is forever within you and those who still believe.



About the Creator

James Thomas is a Rainbow Warrior of Light and Love.  Helping transform darkness to Light.  Restoring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth from the inside out.  Most importantly James is a brother and a friend.

Over the last 10 years James has facilitated a variety of  transformative Heart Centred workshops, classes ceremonies and retreats bringing people together in Circle o guide and support them on their journeys to further awaken and celebrate the Love that they are.

Originally raised in a middle class Christian Canadian home.  James has been living nomadically and traveling around the World learning from and integrating his own past lives with Ancient teachings and Religions.  All of which naturally come together for James on his path which is very much “The Way of the Rainbow”.

Understanding the unique and purposeful journey’s that each of us are on.  It is important to understand the laws of nature and how to work with the natural cycles; in order to transform our Lives as we follow our Hearts and release our limitations and fears.

Restoring Trust and returning to recognize our true potential as beings of Love.

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