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Become a part of the “Prophecy of all Prophecies”.

Join “The Adventures of Rainbow Unicorn” and the return of MAGIC.

As you learn to fly FREE,

Following your Heart to see.

A Life beyond your greatest dreams.

Because You Are MAGIC!

Are you wanting to take BIG STEPS IN YOUR LIFE?

Are you ready to learn how to FLY FREE?

I invite you to join us.  As we embark on a journey to re-discover the MAGIC.

Transforming your Life from the inside- out.

Guiding you deeper so you can raise your vibration to fly HIGHER!

Taking tangible steps in your Life, as you further de-program from the past.

Releasing your greatest fears, doubts and limitations.

Further re-aligning with your Soul’s purpose to embody your truth and discover true happiness.

To become a bridge of FREEDOM in your Life and for others.

Spreading LOVE, inspiration and Hope around the World.

Make your way across the 7 levels of the Rainbow Bridge

Magic – Unity – Peace – Love – Freedom – Abundance – Divinity

Empowering yourself with key insight, practical tools, guidance, support and Love

Join now and receive the benefits

  • Become a member of the Circle of Support.  As we work together to support each other’s visions and dreams.

  • Be among the first to receive the secret prophecy of Rainbow Unicorn

Receive each of the 7 Levels as they’re being released.

Each Level includes video and audio downloads:

  • 7 Teachings of the Rainbow

  • 7 Magically Guided Meditations

  • 7 Mystery Missions & Challenges

  • The full 7 Song album “Adventures of Rainbow Unicorn”


  • Learn how to make money online and develop new income streams

  • Gain behind the scenes access to our family adventures.  As we transition our Lives to Mexico to pursue our dreams of co-creating a community.

Pre-register with family and friends discount for FREE / By Donation before it’s too late.

Enter the MAGIC

All proceeds go to support the DREAM

All proceeds of this project goes towards supporting our family to start a new Life in Mexico.

Where we are creating a self sustainable community operated retreat center and SCHOOL OF MAGIC.

A place for both Children and Adults to re-discover, share and celebrate the knowledge, skills and MAGIC that each individual brings to our planet.

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