Join the 30 Day Online Program to completly Transfrom your Life from the Inside - Out

As we join together in support of one another and our journey’s of healing, awakening and re-aligning by:

  • Setting our intentions
  • Making healthy lifestyle changes
  • Developing daily routines
  • Encouraging one another to follow our hearts and moving towards our dreams
  • Working to release old patterns, programs, fears doubts and limitations of the mind
  • Learning to further open and surrender to the wisdom and guidance of Spirit

The program Includes:

  • Daily intentions, affirmations, meditations and activities (including online video and audio guidance)
  • Weekly Group Ceremonies via Zoom call (New Moon, 1/4 Moon, Full Moon and 3/4 Moon & Closing Ceremony)
  •  1 on 1 Support Calls available (at an additional cost of $25 CAD / hour)

*PLUS Learn how you can begin developing an income online through our mentorship and affiliate program.

Are you ready to move forward in your Life to Live out your greatest dreams?


About the Creator

James Thomas is a Rainbow Warrior of Light and Love.  Helping transform darkness to Light.  Restoring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth from the inside out.  Most importantly James is a brother and a friend.

Over the last 10 years James has facilitated a variety of  transformative Heart Centred workshops, classes ceremonies and retreats bringing people together in Circle o guide and support them on their journeys to further awaken and celebrate the Love that they are.

Originally raised in a middle class Christian Canadian home.  James has been living nomadically and traveling around the World learning from and integrating his own past lives with Ancient teachings and Religions.  All of which naturally come together for James on his path which is very much “The Way of the Rainbow”.

Understanding the unique and purposeful journey’s that each of us are on.  It is important to understand the laws of nature and how to work with the natural cycles; in order to transform our Lives as we follow our Hearts and release our limitations and fears.

Restoring Trust and returning to recognize our true potential as beings of Love.

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