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to Body of Light

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An Angel Network
of Lightworkers from around the World

Coming Together
in Support of Our Planet

As we Transition Life on Earth
From the Ground up

Are you Inspired to “be the change” that you want to see in the World?


Come together with like minded people and projects.  As we work together for the Greater good of All.


Share resources, insight & skills.  As we support one another’s visions & dreams with a passive monthly income.


Raising funds to Co-create sustainable community spaces around the World.  So future generations may thrive.

For a Limited Time
Become a Founding Member for Free

Join the 144,000
as we come together as Family
Forming the Rainbow Bridge
to Co-create the “New Earth”


Connect with Lightworkers, Artists, Leaders & Changemakers Locally & Globally


Join or create Interest/Action Groups, Circles of Support & More

School of Light

Online Programs created by our Members for our Members

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Library of Light

Sharing media, knowledge, insight and skills

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Upcoming Online and in-person Events (Festivals, Ceremonies, Workshops, Retreats and more)

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Products & Services contributing to positive change

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Bringing solutions Big and Small into this World

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Exchange, Collaborate and co-create

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Community oriented  spaces created by the people and for the people

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For a Limited Time
Become a Founding Member for Free

With our Hearts UNIFIED

Together we ARISE

Co-creating new ways of LIFE

For Future Generations to THRIVE

©2023 Body of Light


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